The art of wise gifts

Winter Holidays…the stress, the fun, the waiting, the gift-rush and the lists (groceries, gifts, dinners, last minute gifts, the christmas tree, house-cleaning, more gifts…). We all have our way of handling all of this. I for one always enjoyed the rush and all that Christmas frenzy – I love watching people, lots and lots of […]

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The detox ROad trip – part 1

Any big life event (like graduation) brings a lot of enthusiasm, stress, happiness and a feeling of accomplishment. But then there is that feeling of „what do I do now?!” For me, that was the question that turned me in a couch potato for a week, only wanting to sleep and watch Grey’s Anatomy (for […]

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Introducing Charms of Simple

I have decided to share with you a personal experiment: I want to create a cozy place where together with you, my guests and readers, we will talk about daily pleasures and inspirational seeds.  Living in a hectic and busy world where work can easily take over your mind and behaviour, it’s important to have […]

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