Happy-sad or sad-sad…

…or „You never know what you learn from a Bollywood movie you randomly watch with your mom friday night… 🙂

Some strange circumstances made me hop on a plane monday morning heading to London. It wasn’t actually a planned trip, maybe more of an escape.

So here I am, on a bench with my latte, in St. James Park, writing something for you. It’s a very sunny, lovely autumn afternoon of November (Yes, sunny, you’ve read this right. London, you amaze me & I’m so lucky!)

IMG_9576 copy

IMG_9229 IMG_9248

I guess sometimes you really need to shut up (literally but also silence your thoughts) and get your act together. We’re not perfect, and yet we always find something to complain about. Or something we can’t appreciate, even if it’s not a bad thing…Yeah, now that I’m rewriting this on the laptop, maybe it doesn’t make sense…

The point is I was unhappy with something that changed. And I realised I got caught up on things, forgetting to live in the present. Being happy-sad means you are sad now because you had things to be happy about. So it’s not actually a sad-sad state of mind, more of a forgetting-what-you-were-happy-about state of mind.

Hope you’ll take 5 minutes today to be happy. I mean happy-happy.IMG_9572


I sure am right now, with my furry little friends – squirrels – just breathing the fresh air and changing the perspective. And I must say again, being only my second trip to London, the city is amazing and I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts and pictures about it!

To be continued…More about my London trip, sans the gloomy twisted thoughts, next week!IMG_9573