Bye-bye Ibiza!

Warning: This will be a very cheesy and subjective post.

Last week was a very special one for me. I am a person who is very comfortable in a routine, I like familiar things and I usually have to try hard to deal with change. Then again, I’ve always loved gadgets, technology, everything and anything new. So…back to last week: I changed my car. 🙂

Yes, my lovely frog-like green (but fierce) Seat Ibiza is now waiting for a new owner at Welt Auto Pantelimon, Bucharest.

With the risk of being boring to some of you, I love to write about my experience with cars, so I hope you will enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Because I had a lot of great moments (and a lot of amazing road trips) powered by Seat Ibiza, I wanted to make a special photo-shoot just for you guys out there in search of a new car.

The first thing that made me fall in love with my Ibiza was the color. The amazing yellowish-green which changed with the seasons, made me stand out in traffic and which is mentioned in the vehicle registration certificate as… yellow. So what better venue for this photo-shoot than Snagov forest in a beautiful sunny autumn day? Bonus points for an empty straight road.

With the most powerful petrol engine available even for the 2014 5-door model (four cylinder 1.6, 105 hp), fuel consumption is only 6.5l/100km extra-urban and an average of 8.5l/100km urban (I won’t lie to you, it can reach up to 10l/100km in the summer, in the city, with the AC on).

The interior is quite spacious, with all the commands and buttons placed handy, with a sporty driving position lower than in other similar cars. The panoramic sunroof is the highlight (get it?! 🙂 ) of the interior and it was my favourite zen view. It is simply amazing to be able to regarde le ciel regardless of the weather and it gives the interior that je ne sais quoi which makes driving a pleasure even in the gloomiest of days.

Enough french. Did I mention it is the Sport version? The acceleration is very responsive and the car really stays grounded thanks to its sport suspensions and, of course, the slicks that come on 17 inch alloy wheel rims.

For those of you who still have the lemons stuck on your front and rear window, do not fear: this Ibiza is equipped with both front and rear parking sensors which will beep the brains out of you if you are too close to any kind of obstacle.

The audio system is of regular quality, it has an Aux-in connection for any music bearing device, and also a Parrot bluetooth car kit.

For more info I really enjoyed reading (from the designer’s point of view) Top Speed’s review

Drive safe!DSC_0017~2

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