The detox ROad trip – part 1

Any big life event (like graduation) brings a lot of enthusiasm, stress, happiness and a feeling of accomplishment. But then there is that feeling of „what do I do now?!” For me, that was the question that turned me in a couch potato for a week, only wanting to sleep and watch Grey’s Anatomy (for the second time 🙂 ).

That’s how I decided to take a detox for the mind and spirit road trip around Romania.

So we decided to start from north-east, from Moldova, planning to reach Bucovina and Maramures until the end of the week.

There is something empowering about not making an exact itinerary. You start listening to your spirit and your true desires. You can actually take time and talk to people you just met, listen to their stories and just enjoy the moment.

So what are the ingredients for a detox road trip?

  • an iPod full of music
  • NO talking about work/future plans (unless involves a beach and some Aperol Spritz)
  • really comfortable clothes (the jeans&t-shirt dream + vests/cardigans for cold weather)
  • don’t forget some rain-proof clothes, summer weather is unpredictable
  • batteries charged (bonus points for a car charger)
  • Road map for when you have bad reception (and no internet!)
  • power breakfasts (my saviour on this trip was OMV gas station with nice sandwiches and good coffee)
  • your on-the-go hobby: whether you take photographs, write, read or draw/paint, bring something with you which involves your thoughts and your creativity. It makes you feel cozy even if you’re not at home, it’s fun and makes the experience of travel even more personal.

The first 5 days were all about this: just enjoying the view and the people. I visited Piatra Neamt, a few monasteries (my favourite was Agapia) and the ruins of Neamt fortress. The photos I selected here for you are more about the atmosphere and less about me.

They are about an out-of-time adventure and about having a fresh mindset for the days to come.

View over Piatra Neamt and lake Bistrita from the gondola lift
Me on Cozla mountain, Piatra Neamt. Shooting with Nikon D7000


Road to Agapia Monastery
Agapia Monastery – the beautiful courtyard, always filled with flowers. A quiet place with the most welcoming nuns.
A house near Agapia Monastery


Neamt Monastery. Photo taken with my iPhone 5 through binoculars lens
Neamt Monastery
Neamt Citadel
View of the Bicaz lake