Introducing Charms of Simple

I have decided to share with you a personal experiment: I want to create a cozy place where together with you, my guests and readers, we will talk about daily pleasures and inspirational seeds. 

Living in a hectic and busy world where work can easily take over your mind and behaviour, it’s important to have a moment to catch your breath, letting enthusiasm take over and enrich your life with unknown things.

What makes you smile? What surrounds you? Who are you? What are you searching for?

Charms of Simple is meant to be an oasis of simple yet powerful things that surround us and which we tend to overlook.

How? I will write here short ideas and thoughts, along with my photos. Bits and pieces of life, in the attempt of being more self-aware, more positive and more productive, as I am a very ambitious and curious person.

I really hope you will find Charms of Simple to be an inspiration and share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below, or on my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest account.